Midnights Cruelty


Midnights Cruelty Heavy lids, Watery eyes, A lite yawn flow in the air If only sleep could pierce  my thoughts But fear keeps sleep in a distance ream. So her I sit and ponder away Keeping dreams in midnight’s mist. The cruel ness of night, Laughing in the dark Making fun Of it’s vitems nightmares… [Continue Reading]



CANDLESTICKS AND ASHES Wax just melted away upon my body, drop by drop, devouring my every spot. The seconds were hours of torment. The minutes, days of sadness and despair. My body sweats with thirst, my tongue drenched with dryness, my thoughts, no thoughts, just a long itching of pain scattered in the breeze. Candlesticks… [Continue Reading]

Have Mercy On My Soul


  The rain on my soul beats at my flesh. The torment in my heart feast on my organs. Lingering dreams crowding my presence, I see no tomorrow, have mercy on my soul. Show me a better way to move thought the dungeons of festering memories and decaying thoughts. Where is joy? Where is peace?… [Continue Reading]

Perfect Man

  A man of honor, a man of might, a man willing to fight for family and friends. A man worth love, glory and praise. A man hard to find in the streets or at the bar. This the type of man, i’m waiting to call my own, this the type of man, to take… [Continue Reading]

Slopjar Poem

Final high res book cover for Slopjar

Piss out the piss, shit out the shit, simmer it, in a slopjar. Release all frustrations, lay them to rest, simmer it, in a slopjar. Simmer the lunatic thoughts, the loneliness, the laughter, the lust, the love, the feelings of hurt and pain. Simmer it in a slopjar, then throw it in the woods.