Have Mercy

Mercy and Me

The rain on my soul beats at my flesh.  The torment in my heart feast on my organs.  Lingering dreams crowding my presence, I see no tomorrow, have mercy on my soul.  Show me a better way to move though the dungeons of festering memories and decaying thoughts.  Where is joy?  Where is peace?  Ease… [Continue Reading]

Jesus Arms

jesus arms

Dedicated to Sharon Tudela Jesus Arms Today is the day, I begin a new journey.  I plan to reach the stars.  I plan to touch the sky.  Today is the day, I soar from the past.  I leave all past failures and tears behind.  Looking toward, what’s ahead, no pain, no torment, no demons to… [Continue Reading]


rest in peace

Death is the only thing permanent everything else is temporary. Ingrid Jennings

Sorrow (taken from the book Slopjar)


Who knew my heart would ache like this,  who knew the pain I carried, beaten on my back by whips of steel,  I lie broken, crushed, dismembered by the lies of betrayal.   Lord help me now,  I’m a bruised woman tortured by withered dreams and faulty words.   I sit amongst demons and bitter souls,  I… [Continue Reading]

Roses, Violets, and Dreams


My roses are withered, my violets are too, so are my dreams, so what do I do?   Do I water them with grace, and pot them with pride, or do I burn them to the ground,  and begin a new garden?  I say burn them, burn them to the ground,  begin a new garden, where… [Continue Reading]