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Slopjar Poem

Final high res book cover for Slopjar

Piss out the piss, shit out the shit, simmer it, in a slopjar. Release all frustrations, lay them to rest, simmer it, in a slopjar. Simmer the lunatic thoughts, the loneliness, the laughter, the lust, the love, the feelings of hurt and pain. Simmer it in a slopjar, then throw it in the woods.

Nightmares (Book Preview)


  Video/Audion Version of Nightmares from the book Slopjar By Ingrid Jennings

Sorrow (taken from the book Slopjar)


Who knew my heart would ache like this,  who knew the pain I carried, beaten on my back by whips of steel,  I lie broken, crushed, dismembered by the lies of betrayal.   Lord help me now,  I’m a bruised woman tortured by withered dreams and faulty words.   I sit amongst demons and bitter souls,  I… [Continue Reading]