I Feel Like Writing

When you feel like writing and have absolutely no idea what to write about. What comes out, the stars, the sky, the evils buried deep within  but what if you don’t want to talk about buried pain and built up stress, what if you want to be happy and write happy fairy tales for the masses to read and feel all warm and hopeful on the inside.

Here it goes…………give me a second…. I’m searching for the words to escape the vault of all the feelings my heart holds.

Dread and pain

Anguish and hate

Here I am trying to be energy 

Trying to give off light and vibrate higher 

Gliding the line between good and evil

You can only serve one master.

Chose he now and forever hold your peace

Who will it be 

Biblical virtues or worldly mysteries that pull at your soul. 

The balance scale of life upon your back.

Falling down the rabbit hole, the longer you fall, the longer the hole. 

Atoms vibrating, bodies at war. Science in the mist and religion scared of the truth. 

All this and nothing more wrapped in a box under the tree, my present for Christmas. 

A string at a time I pull to discover the truth of why. 

A bunch of nonsense puzzled together. 

I stare at the board for what it may hold. 

Looking for answers 

Look no further

Answers are never there just a big why,

Why love, why hate, why travel life, why return to spirit, 

Why be

I felt like writing, but couldn’t find the words.

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