I Feel Like Writing

When you feel like writing and have absolutely no idea what to write about. What comes out, the stars, the sky, the evils buried deep within  but what if you don’t want to talk about buried pain and built up stress, what if you want to be happy and write happy fairy tales for the… [Continue Reading]

Flash Fiction | Poetry titled: Who am I?

Who am I? Once upon a time in the sky, I floated on a cloud to my sweet love,  I tried to tell him my deepest thoughts,  revealing my entire being  and he lay and stare, maybe into space or some distant memory whispers sweetness in his ears but my words float in the air waiting… [Continue Reading]

Poetry by Marilyn Orr Cruz Author of Bridgewater State, Mackey, and Cops

   Ode To A Suicidal Friend…    You dwell too much with death my friend, There is no mystery. * So rapt you are by the unknown, You spin your fantasy. Deep intrigue,  And rituals, Mahogany  So neat, Marble Angels… Profound words, Etched around their feet.. Oh! How we tend to glamorize death… Remember Camille…… [Continue Reading]

Kirkus Book Review for Lily Faye and the Mighty Oak

Reproduction Taken From: Kirkus Reviews LILY FAYE AND THE MIGHTY OAK BY INGRID JENNINGS ; ILLUSTRATED BY ESTELA RAILEANU ‧ RELEASE DATE: DEC. 17, 2020 A frog learns a little about science in Jennings’ picture book. Lily Faye just wants to bask in the sun, but there’s a problem: An old oak tree is casting a long shadow across her… [Continue Reading]

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Paperback comes out 2023