Poetry by Marilyn Orr Cruz Author of Bridgewater State, Mackey, and Cops

   Ode To A Suicidal Friend…   

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You dwell too much with death my friend,

There is no mystery. *

So rapt you are by the unknown,

You spin your fantasy.

Deep intrigue, 

And rituals,


So neat,

Marble Angels…

Profound words,

Etched around their feet..

Oh! How we tend to glamorize death…

Remember Camille…

How beautifully she passed,

Smiling, Gardenia in hand…From tuberculoses.

I think not!

Romeo and Juliet…

How wonderfully romantic,

To die from love!  And Poison.

I think not!

And Jesus Christ, 

The Ultimate Love and Sacrifice…

Dare you compare!

I think not!

You dwell too much,

With death my friend…  

Yes much. And all for naught!

It is, for every creature,

The fate that Natures fraught.

Let go my friend of lady death,

Let go her magic charm.

Your union’s sealed in destiny,

Your end… No great Alarm!

Celebrate your life. My friend,

With things you’ve yet to know.

The passion from within you,

That makes your juices flow!

With Joy! Embrace the wonders,

That each new day imparts.

Laugh a lot. And Cry a lot.

Live only by your heart.

Dwell not too much with Death my friend.

The lady waits…. Fear not.

She waits, and waits, and you’ll be there,

When she selects your lot.

Marilyn O. Cruz

I Write

It’s what I do *

It’s what I love.

I live with an ache in my core  

That only calms with words

Extracted from the essence 

That is me.

The words have rhythm.

A cadence that sends them

Spilling across the page

Fulfilling a need to be free

To reveal the fierce grasp of

 Anguish or pleasure

That grips my heart

That tests my soul

Until stopped …

A powerful single dot

The period halts my flight

I touch the back key

It’s not the end

Only a pause

I breathe 

deep and long

fingers searching

I start again

And I write

It’s what I do.

Poetry By Marilyn Orr Cruz Author of Bridgewater State, Mackey, and Cops. Available on Amazon and Goodreads

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