Poetry by Marilyn Orr Cruz Author of Bridgewater State, Mackey, and Cops

   Ode To A Suicidal Friend…    You dwell too much with death my friend, There is no mystery. * So rapt you are by the unknown, You spin your fantasy. Deep intrigue,  And rituals, Mahogany  So neat, Marble Angels… Profound words, Etched around their feet.. Oh! How we tend to glamorize death… Remember Camille…… [Continue Reading]

Book Review for Edge of Never by: J.A. Redmerski

Guest Post by: Karolina from The United Kingdom In the background Joy and John are singing about fear and guilt, my eyes are still wet from few tears I couldn’t stop from falling…What a pleasure it is to experience a different life, travel to distant places, feel the love and pain through the pages of… [Continue Reading]

An Amazing Writer’s Journey Though Poetry

I want to first thank Ingrid Jennings for the opportunity to post on her blog. I have been writing poetry as long as I can remember; I guess I stopped, thinking that no one was really interested in the way I express my inner self. Last year, however, that changed for me; my sister died… [Continue Reading]