An Amazing Writer’s Journey Though Poetry

I want to first thank Ingrid Jennings for the opportunity to post on her blog.

I have been writing poetry as long as I can remember; I guess I stopped, thinking that no one was really interested in the way I express my inner self. Last year, however, that changed for me; my sister died unexpectedly. In my grief and frustration, I began writing about her. I found it invigorating to share my sister with others; and the response was overwhelming. I was humbled by the out pouring of support.

We have always communicated in rhythm. From the moment a baby takes its first breath; we are singing and humming, with the knowledge that the vibration will calm this child; who has never uttered a single word. We communicate with rhythm; swaying to music, rocking in a chair, in song or melody; or in a prose which we find comforting.

Poetry is a part of all of our lives; even if we call it by a different name. I feel so honored that people take time to read what I have written; it is a blessing that I am proud to share with the world. My largest prayer would be that my words may open up inner thoughts and we can make this world a better place for all of us. Hopefully, we will find that even in our heartache; the lessons can come shining through.

Next week is my sister’s birthday; in memory of her, I hope to share a part of her with you. I hope you an excerpt from my most recent book, Petals of Peace.

Thank You,

L.M. Young                                                                                                                  

My Memory of You

I often wish you were still here

But when I pause for a while

I remember my life fulfilled

Memories by the mile

I remember the funny things you said

Even using some of it now

Hoping to share your sweet love

Through my grief some how

I still yearn to escape

To your loving abode

Enjoying your take on life

The stories you told

Will anyone really ever

Hear the angel in your voice

Now it seems as if

There isn’t much choice

I miss your melodic harmony

Chased down with that smile

Blue eyes sparkling and dancing

In a world gone wild

It’s funny the things

We all take for granted

Saying words…doing harm

Things can’t be recanted

I laugh to myself when

I call to you in a dream

Seeming even in slumber

God knows what you mean

He sends you when I’m weary

Can’t seem to find my way

Reminding me to be thankful

For new memories I’ve made

So true you aren’t in them

But lucky for others and me

You are felt all around

Like the bark on my tree

Remember the story I told you

About people and a tree

Fruit and leaves are temporary

It’s the roots which ground me

You were always my root

Holding me steady and strong

Keeping my eyes on God

Right where they belonged

You are and were

My truest best friend

Which God bonded in blood

Were there til the end

And while my heart still aches

Over the loss of my sister my friend

I hold you closer still

With every memory I spend

For every memory I lend out

Reminds me that I didn’t lose at all

Instead of focusing on a broken heart

I’ve built a memory wall

Maybe are broken hearted tooSo those who need it

They can come and smile

At my memory of you

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