Reality of the Soul

Reality of the SoulReality of the Soul by Gregory Harold

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

By pure chance I stumbled across a very intriguing book. My fitness trainer has a client that’s an indie writer; like myself, and he give his book to the trainer. To my good luck my trainer was nice enough to let me borrow the book. The title of the book is Reality of the Soul by Gregory Harold, and it’s title does not do it justice. The cover of the book has an picture of earth and that appears to be a comet coming towards the earth, the cover does not do this book justice. I opened the book expecting to find a boring non-fiction book about the soul and afterlife but instead I opened the door to an suspenseful page turning mystery. I read the book in rapid speed, it is a easy read but also a mind twisting, scratch your head type of book. You will constantly question what’s going on. You will suspect the logically but when the mystery is uncovered. Life is uncovered. You will encounter brawling neighbors, manipulating sociopaths, protecting spirits, and regular people who only want to live the American dream and raise their children in a good neighborhood absent of violence and ignorant people. This book should be flying off bookshelves. It is a very good read and it will spark thoughts about life, spirits, and the afterlife. Become educated as well as entertained when you read this book. It will leave you breathless.

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