Battlefield of the Mind

Powerful thoughts of a wise man wages war with my every thought.
The battle of logical saneness vs. enlightened creativity insaneness rushes though my being.
My cerebrum becomes the battlefield,
my pineal gland fertilizes the feud.
Creativity surges mystical forces,
they tackle my cerebellum.
Wiggly legs,
weakness enters my frame.
My body shuts down.
Logic retreats to the cerebral cortex,
saneness slowly flows.
Creativity rushes the throne,
insaneness follows behind dominating the battlefield.
A star is born,
a poetic emerges,
ready to take the crown.
Crown me a queen, a lioness, a fierce fighter, devouring my enemies.
I take them to lunch then feed upon their flesh.
I suck on their bones, and then spit out the gristles.
A star is born,
part the way,
lay out the red carpet.
I’m ready to take my place.
Put on my crown then step to the side.
I’m ready to claim my fame.

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