Need A book to read this weekend check out “That Girl Started Her Own Country” by the Holy Ghost Writer

Who run the world? Girls or at least according to Beyonce and Zaydee from

That Girl Started Her Own Country


That Girl Started Her Own CountryThat Girl Started Her Own Country by Holy Ghost Writer

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That Girl Started Her Own Country by the Holy Ghost writer is a very interesting book. It is about a woman named Zaydee who is very mysterious. The more you read the more details are revealed about her. She is somewhat of a 21st century rich playgirl. But it seems her heart belongs to an ex-boyfriend. She is very wealthy and gets arrested while discussing terms to laundry money. But she is charged with assualting an FBI agent. Once she is arrested she never reveals her name. She is booked as Princess Doe. She doesn’t have fingerprints. No one knows who she really is. One thing for sure, she is pro-women. Thoughout the story she is donating to woman causes. While in jail she gets an idea to start her own country. From there she begin to plan. This is a very unique story and it talks about different secret societies and makes me wonder if they really exist. Zaydee is a superhero for women.




  1. Great recommendation! Seems great.
    Possession of Books

  2. This is made to inspire. Keep doing the “write” thing. I like-a-lot and want a copy while it’s hot. Peace.

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