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The Book ThiefThe Book Thief by Markus Zusak

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Markus Zusak shows us the power of words in The Book Thief. Words from a man craving power from the world. Words from a Jewish man who must hide in a basement for his safety. Words from a young girl whose life is forever changed by death. First the death of her brother on a train then the death of everyone she loves. Death is actually the narrator of the story and he takes us on a journey thought the young girl (Liesel Meminger, also known as the The Book Thief) life in Nazi Germany.
She goes to live with a family because her mother can no longer afford to take care of her. Her brother dies on the train ride to the new family. Liesel is delivered broken hearted and full of sorrow to Himmel street. Himmel means Heaven but Himmel street is nothing like heaven. It is a street made up of poor families but here is where Liesel Meminger the Book Thief learns the power of words. Her foster Papa teaches her to read and she become a lover of books. The first book she steal is an handbook to grave diggers, she steals it at her brother’s funeral. The next book is a Jewish book that the Nazi party was trying to burn. The Book Thief really captures your heart and takes you back to a real time of the past. Where a race of people was treated worse then animals. As you read, you will laugh, cry, and thank God you didn’t have to endure the hardship of Hitler and Nazi Germany.

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