Excerpt from Summer’s Nightmare by Ingrid Jennings

Upcoming Book Summer’s Nightmare

If you like mystery, suspense, and romance, this might be the book for you.

Gunshots pierces the summer’s air. One after another raining in my direction. The thunderous sound of the shots bounced off the sun bleached tomb I hid behind in St. Louis cemetery. My head against the engraved name Marie Laveau and the dates 1794-1881. “Sauve-moi chère reine” (save me dear queen), “accorde-moi le désir” (grant me a wish), I whispered to the dead woman hoping her spirit would hear my cries and rain pity from above. Tears gathered in my eyes, ready to pour down and drown whatever got in their path. Inhaling for courage, the musty air filled my lungs. I took my husband’s jackknife out of my pocket, my fingered rubbed across his engraved initials CJ, I unfolded the blade and punctured my left pointer finger and then marked 3 X’s in blood on Marie Laveau’s tomb. Something in me expected and needed a supernatural phenomenon to occur. I wished magic could befall my presence. My tears become like waterfalls as they fell down my cheeks then soaked my shirt, my body laid motionless, arrested by the fear of the unknown. All I could hear was bullets showering the air. Certain this was my last minute of life, I just laid in the dark night at the foot of Marie Laveau’s tomb. I hoped our souls would cross.


Estimated  Release June 2015


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