Freedom, Liberty, Justice, and Equality

Today I went to the post office and ordered a book of stamps. They cost $9.00 for a book of 20. This made me think back to my younger years when stamps cost .25 cents each that’s $5.00 for a book of 20. Wow! Hasn’t inflation took it’s course. I left out the post office and went to my car. I sit down and looked at my stamps. They had an American flag of them with different words on each stamp. One had FREEDOM. This made me think about my ancestors who once was slaves and had to fight for their FREEDOM. My great grandfather parents were slaves and he was sold when he was a toddler. He didn’t remember his parents nor did he know their names. Another stamp had LIBERTY. I begin to contemplate the definition of LIBERTY, which is to have control over your own actions, or the state of being free from restriction or control in addition, to have political and economical rights, although I do feel we as Americans have a fraction of liberty more then most countries, we do not have full liberty so why put it on a stamp and exasperate the truth. As my eyes rolls further across the stamps, I see one that reads JUSTICE. In my mind I think justice for who? For anyone with blond hair and blue eyes, not that I am racist in anyway one of my best friends has blond hair and blue eyes. All I am trying to say is the Hitler standard set in the 1900’s still exist. The darker your skin the more you are hit with racist remarks and staring eyes in stores. Although America has come a loooong way, we still have room for growth, we have yet to arrive at the finish line. The last stamp in the bunch read EQUALITY. I believe as long as we stay in the race for EQUALITY we will one day achieve it. We may never achieve full LIBERTY and JUSTICE but I do believe we should be grateful for the LIBERTY and JUSTICE GOD had given us.

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