The wicked ole man slid into my life.

He stole my heart ten times over.

He came undetected,

bearing many gifts,

gifts that stole my heart and locked it in a box.

I was swept off my feet by his charming eyes; his mean look

sent shivers over my body.

I had plans for him.

Plans to make him mine.

Plans to make him smile.

But all the while I was just a rock in his path,

a paper towel to be trashed.

I was just a body with no mind,

a thing,

an animal,

a woman, a woman,

a woman men despise,

a woman

men misused,

a woman

set aside.

For days I cried for him

for weeks I watched his picture

but in the end

I knew

he was missing out

because I am a woman,

a gift from GOD almighty.



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