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Just write about the good, the bad,

The lingering pain stewing in my soul

Just write and hope it someday


Hope time heals the wounds of a broken soul.

Hope love will conquer all
But in the mean time while hope is brewing…..
Do I lie in bed and sheds tears of heartache

Do I hold my breath and wait to exhale.

Do I commit mental sucide by drowning in my thoughts.

This is how it is, will be, the present,
The emotional hill of torment

So I sit here in the present in the presence of spirits whispering softly spoken dreadful dark murderous words in my ears.

I try to tune them out, I try at peace but vengeful souls know not how to rest.

Covering my ears I harness good memories, my best memories, mediateing on how life can be.

A future of hope

Of new beginnings

Without the drowning memories of the past or vengeful spooks of the present. I lay down my knife, I cover my wrists, I decide to wait and see what the future behold.


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