Book Review: Shadow Woman by Linda Howard

Shadow WomanShadow Woman by Linda Howard

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Could you imagine your memory being wiped clean and waking up not knowing the person staring at you in the mirror. On top of that, the thoughts that do begin to come cause painful migraines and intense vomiting. Then you remember things like how to shake a tail and I am not talking about a dance or how to shake your butt like Tina Turner but how to spot someone following you and lose them. This happens to Lisette in Shadow Woman by Linda Howard. She awakens from a dull, routine life and springs into action. She is on the run from God knows who and one of the men (Mr. X or Xavier) following her is a man she has been having sexual dreams about. This book takes you on a breathe taking ride. You will not want to sit it down. You will constantly want to keep track of Lisette just like her trackers. You will be itching to find out why the government have her under surveillance and want to kill her. Get ready for an adventure. I have just become a fan of Linda Howard. I was lucky enough to win this hardcover book on Goodreads and it is amazing. Stay tuned for more reviews on Linda Howard books.

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