Sorrow (taken from the book Slopjar)

Who knew my heart would ache like this,  who knew the pain I carried, beaten on my back by whips of steel,  I lie broken, crushed, dismembered by the lies of betrayal.   Lord help me now,  I’m a bruised woman tortured by withered dreams and faulty words.   I sit amongst demons and bitter souls,  I am a bruised woman  beaten down by false love,  false hope,  false words.   I sit alone clouded by Satan’s heroes,  I suffocate on their stench,  I vomit from their touch,  Lord help me now,  I’m amongst the dead.   Awaken me like Lazarus,  Anoint my head with oil,  breathe life into my lungs and grace upon my soul.   Make me a cleansed woman,  cleansed of aches and pain,  sorrow and shame,  Erase the devil’s curse  and write me a lullaby.   Let me soar,  let me fly, let me enter  eternal happiness.   I now sit a cleansed woman.

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