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I have had a lot of people asking me about my website and how to operate a WordPress website so I decided to put together 20 of the most frequent asked questions and answers about WordPress.


20 Questions and Answers All About WordPress 

  1. What is wordpress? a content management system already set up
  2. Where can you get a free wordpress site?
  3. Where can you  get self help info for wordpress?
  4. Pages vs. Post: pages are permanent positioned pages while post move according to date in reverse chronological order
  5. How to add a post? Go to dashboard then click post then add new
  6. How to add a picture? click upload on the add new post page and you can upload from your computer
  7. What does category mean? You can group your post according to category and this can be good for SEO (search engine optimization)
  8. What does tags mean? describes post and can also help with SEO
  9. What does set feature mean? You can upload an image and it will be in your post or on your page
  10. How to create a page? Click on dashboard then click pages and add new page
  11. What does parent mean under attribute page? Parent is the mean page and there can be other clickable pages on that page
  12. What are wordpress themes? the appearance and layout of the site
  13. What is a widget? a type of plugin that adds variety to your page ( a tool to add content)
  14. Plugin vs. Widget? widget is a plugin but plugin isn’t a widget. A plugin is a tool to extend the features on your site
  15. What is the user buttons on the dashboard? It allows you to add users to your site and each users has different abilities some can add post some can not you determine what each user can do.
  16. What is import? you can import post/articles into your wordpress
  17. What is export? you can download you wordpress just in cause something happens and it get messed up
  18. What is meta description? A description of your post in sentence format
  19. Can you add media? yes
  20. How to add media? Click on the upload button on the add a post page or the add a page page and upload video

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