“God help me, God help me,” flew from my liquor stained lips. My grandmother’s hundred year old crystal scotch glass fell to the hard maple floor, and I dropped to my knees and closed my eyes in shame. The antique white walls begin to slowly warp, twisting and turning right before my eyes. My mind journeyed down a deserted path of subconsciousness and floated up to the darkened star studded sky spinning thought the clouds, they broke away for my ascension to the heavens. Along a linear path I traveled the dark solar system to shiny white gates. At the gates stood an angelic faced guard. He glared down at me as if I didn’t belong, my time of moving in had not yet arrived and once more I shouted “God help me.” The angelic faced guard put his hand over his heart and smiled.

The guard floated to the side and opened the tall shiny metal gate. I stood in fear, looking though the gates then glancing behind at the world below. He pointed his specter, gesturing for me to continue though the gates. Slowly stepping down the path that only the dead descend while observing the angel lined gold paved streets. A brilliant gigantic orb appeared before me. No words was spoken but in white capital letters W-R-I-T-E floated across the navy blue sky.

“Speak to me God,” came from my trembling lips. The letters W-R-I-T-E floated along my path again. Over and over I asked to hear his voice or a sign that this was reality and not a dream. The only things that appeared in my sight was the word WRITE. I opened my eyes, sunlight peered though my bedroom window, heaven was gone and I was back home.

I grabbed my laptop with doubt in my mind. I didn’t know what to write or think of this illusion. I opened the laptop, turned it on, glanced at the blue background upon the screen, then opened a document sheet. I still didn’t know what to say to the keys until a bright white light shone in the left corner of my room. It was different from the golden sun rays that gleamed in the air. It glistened, it sung, it spoke to my heart. A light from above, confirmation for me and at that moment words begin to appear in my heart and my fingers pounded the laptop keys with great pace and determination. I didn’t know what I was writing; my finger just hit the keys. Word after word they spelled out and somehow all the words went together and formed sensible sentences. It was no longer me typing but a force from within my soul. At that moment, I knew I had to write.

Written by: Ingrid Jennings

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