Book Review for Nobody By Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Nobody by Jennifer Lynn BarnesDo you ever feel like no matter where you are people are always noticing you and sparking up conversations with you. You have always been popular whether it was school or work. As if you radiated energy and people were automatically attracted to you.


Do you feel like no one notices you, no matter what you do, no one knows who you are. You have never been popular, people overlook you. You are just another body in this world.

In Nobody by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Nix is a nobody (people never notices him and if they do they forget him very quickly). A secret society has raised him since birth and taught him to be an assassin. He’s actually the perfect assassin because no one ever notices him. He can get in and out of building without ever being seen. Not only does he go unnoticed but he has been taught to fade into the air and become nothing. While he is faded, he can go thought walls, sneak up on his assignments and kill them before they ever know he is in their presence. The secret society was put into place hundreds of years ago to kill Nulls (people who radiate energy to the point that people are attracted to them and willing to do anything for them). Nulls can be dangerous because they are natural manipulators and don’t care about the feelings of other. Nix gets an assignment to kill Claire. Things get crazy because Nix falls in love with Claire and he has to risk his own life to protect Claire from the secret society that raised him.

I think this is a good book for a teenager but as an adult I have to give it 3 out of 5 stars. There was a lot of repetition of feelings and words. I became bored while reading some of the chapters. But Nobody was creatively written.

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