Dedicated to Writers’ and Artist

Sometimes writing can be very challenging to authors. Getting bad reviews can be very discouraging. A few weeks ago, I received my first bad review. My heart dropped to the ground as I read the words from the review. One bad review out of many awesome 4 and 5 star reviews cause my day to shatter. Then I though of Vincent Van Gogh, he only sold 1 painting during his lifetime and only became famous after his death. He would be amazed if he was alive today and could see how much his painting sold for. Albert Einstein was thought of as dumb in school, he was even told he would have a descent career; today Einstein is and will always be known as a genius. The father of Relativity. Abraham Lincoln ran for congress twice and lost, ran for senator and lost after many years he became president. He never give up, he had great persistence. My father Curtis McCoy, I  remember when I was a little girl he ran for sheriff and lost. He did not give in to defeat , the next term he ran again and lost. A few years went by and then he ran for mayor. His determination paid off. He became the first african american mayor in Mansfield, LA.

This blog post is dedicated to writers and artist. Don’t get discouraged by negativity but believe in yourself. Write from the heart and write because you love it and everything else will fall in place. I wish all my fellow writers’ and artist the best, may your words and vision shine forever in the light of the world.


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