Take Hold

  Take Hold On the grind to make my dreams come true The heart of a loin I roar As I soar the hells of earth. I see no poverty I see gold Glaring in my path Waiting on me to take hold This life is only an illusion My true presence lies in heaven… [Continue Reading]

Writing to Live by Cassandra Giovanni

Happy New Year to everyone. I am going to start this year by featuring a new author I been following for a few months. Her name is Cassandra Giovanni and she has written 2 books. In addition, she is currently working on a third book, Let the Fates Decide. She is going to share a post… [Continue Reading]

Dedicated to Writers’ and Artist

Sometimes writing can be very challenging to authors. Getting bad reviews can be very discouraging. A few weeks ago, I received my first bad review. My heart dropped to the ground as I read the words from the review. One bad review out of many awesome 4 and 5 star reviews cause my day to… [Continue Reading]