Take Hold


Take Holdlion

On the grind to make my dreams come true

The heart of a loin

I roar

As I soar the hells of earth.

I see no poverty

I see gold

Glaring in my path

Waiting on me to take hold

This life is only an illusion

My true presence lies in heaven

But I been shown the delusions

Of the beasts

So I ride my great horse

I soar with the stars

Fighting and destroying all enemies at their threshold.

Behold my might

This is not fabrications

Nor is it hallucinations

This is the branding of a new nation

Devised by God almighty

So take hold of the gratification

And the spoken words

Sent from above

Indulge on the sweet nectar,

The tasty morsels of what I have to say,

I’m speaking to the young, the old,

So the dead in Christ can now

Rise and walk down the path paved,

Arise and see thought my eyes.



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