Midnights Cruelty

Midnights Cruelty

Heavy lids,


Watery eyes,

A lite yawn flow in the air

If only sleep could pierce  my thoughts

But fear keeps sleep in a distance ream.

So her I sit and ponder away

Keeping dreams in midnight’s mist.

The cruel ness of night,

Laughing in the dark

Making fun

Of it’s vitems nightmares

Demons burrowing the brains at rest.

Feeding off panic

Causing anxiety

Weeping children crying out “monster”

Restless moms quivering to the coldness of spirits dwelling among them.

Men, big and bad huffing and puffing out their chest

Secretly  bowing praying for a restful  night.

Yet to their prevail

Rest is stolen by low softly spoken whispers that hides in the darkness.

Such a scary scene, a full moon peeking though the clouds.

Lonely souls tossing and turning

A dark evil vapor cirulating the night.

Some miraculous pull tilting us 23.5 degrees away from the sun. And th

e great rotation

slowly thrusting us to midnight.

My eyelids reluctantly drop,

Then pop back open,

Sleep’s fogginess

Overcoming all lucid thoughts

Prickly nerves left behind

No choice left but to drift to midnight

Transits. Lie upon its shadow

Hope it grant me a peaceful night,  hope it lock up all its demons.

My eyes can no longer keep open,

To death my body goes

Til the rays from the sun recesitate me back to life.


By: Ingrid Jennings


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